What We Do

In our operations, we constantly strive to fulfill our goal - to suggest the proven security systems’ products and solutions that provide cost-effective high level of protection. In order to work in a quality manner we try:

  • Establishing Ervist brand in the Russian market with a broad offering of both domestic and foreign fire and security solutions, equipment and services
  • Expanding our sales network: currently over 30 cities of Russia are covered by our dealership network; we have more than 3,000 customers
  • Continuously improving technical expertise both of our employees (in four companies) and of our customers. We conduct workshops and seminars: regular interactions/communications with partners, designers and engineers of systems and specific projects are of the utmost importance. On the average, each year, about a dozen Russian cities are covered and 600-700 industry professionals attend.
  • Maintaining lifecycle ownership: we interact with major Russian vendors of security equipment, we direct and in collaborative spirit develop new products, participate in manufacturing, sales, installation and servicing.

Our success drivers are determined by the following factors: